The Ministry of Agriculture primarily deals with matters like agricultural policies, services, pricing, support, programs and schemes. 

The prime responsibility of the Ministry of Children Affairs is to implement The Fellowships National policies for Children development programs in the Fellowship.

The ministry of Church Planting exists to motive and encourage the local churches and organizations in the Fellowship to restore the spirit of fulfilling the Great Commission.

Ministry of Development and Social Transformation endeavors to supervise the Fellowship’s overall development process. 


The NFBPC Minister of Health exists to provide opportunities for member Churches, Ministries and communities to have their health concerns answered; through surveys, holding regular health team meetings that are open to Churches/Ministries.

Home and Family Affairs

The Family Ministry team targets to strengthen marriages to stay healthy and thriving in the fellowship. It provides opportunities to couples for spiritual growth, support and fellowship to strengthen and enrich marriages


The Information Communication and Technology Ministry is charged with the responsibility of managing Fellowship/church electronic data and information.

Market Place

The role of the Marketplace Ministry (MPM) is to act as a catalyst, to realign and reposition Fellowship members so that they will have a kingdom mindset in the marketplace. 


All of us are disabled in some way as we stand before God. Thanks be to God, we are a church that believes God is calling us into the world — together. We don’t have to do it alone and we don’t have to do everything.

Doctrine and Discipline

Responsible for setting up National Doctrine and Training Committee at all levels (from the Regional Doctrine and Training leaders).


Ministry of Education in NFBPC Envisions bringing together resources contained in its rich membership to set up a National Christian-based and focused Education Backbone.


Drake Kanaabo is a gifted agile Gospel Communicator/ Evangelist depicting proven operation in the gift and the development of others in the field. He is  in charge of the Evangelistic and Outreach initiatives of the Fellowship.



Media ministry handles many aspects of technology for the Fellowship both print and Electronic communications. Responsible for all of the media functions of a Fellowship.

Music, Art and Fashion

The Ministry of Music and Arts is a Ministry plans and guides the Fellowship’s development of Gospel Music and creative art by establishing policies and strategies to address the challenges we have today in the Church and the Nation.

Pastoral Development

Planning & Finance

 To aid and advise the financial of the Fellowship.
To promote accountability and transparency in service delivery in nthe Fellowship.
Set up value feedback from all our stakeholders.


To lead the Fellowship in developing a Perpetual Prayer Ministry at all levels of the NFBPC Leadership. The Prayer Minister’s purpose is to organize, schedule, and provide general leadership for the Fellowship to develop a prayer life.

Protocol and Foreign Affairs

The Protocol Ministry is the arm of the NFBPC to deal with all matters related to Fellowship’s diplomatic relations with the international/national community through the internationally accepted norms and procedures of ‘Protocol’.


Minister for Research will lead in conducting research and data analysis in aid to the developed policies and programs of the Fellowship.
The Minister is expected to have a national committee Regional Committees.

Science and Technology

Head of the Ministry activities; responsible for reporting to the PM who then submits the report to the Secretariat.Its functions include Fellowship management of all activities related to science and technology


The Minister is expected to have a national committee made up of Security and Logistics leaders from the thirteen Regions. Work with security organs to set up safety for Fellowship operation

Trade and Investment

One responsible for supervising trade and investment issues in the Fellowship. To establish a National Trade and Investment committee using the Regional Trade and Investment Departmental heads

Women Affairs

The Ministry of Women Affairs is tasked with the responsibility of equipping, empowering, Women Affairs for sustainable development and Ministry growth.

Youth Affairs

The prime responsibility of the Minister of Youth Affairs is to implement the Fellowship’s national policies for youth development and prepare them to be future leaders