The Proposed 7-storeyed NFBPC Headquarters.

Over the past twenty-eight (28) years, NFBPC has had no permanent Home/Headteachers and has survived through renting.

With the rising costs of rent vis-à-vis the current meager income sources of the fellowship (mainly from donations and contributions) justifies the urgent need to find a lasting solution to getting rid of renting.

The proposed establishment of the NFBPC HQ shall require accommodation comprising of:

 NFBPC offices (several offices),
 A conference hall,
 2 mini conference halls,
A library,
 A media center,
 A health unit,
 Guests rooms (Guest House),
 A hotel,
 A super market,
Commercial spaces (Offices),
 Archive center,
 A printery, and
 A Bank.